What do I do If the rope does not feed through the grommet smoothly?

Take off the lid and pull rope out of grommet and straighten rope. Take end of rope and push back through the grommet from the inside with a flat head screw driver. Once you can grab the rope pull about a foot out to insure rope is straightened and cut.


Does the end of the cut rope unravel?

It will only unravel on average ½’’. This will not effect the performance of the rope.


Who can use Rapid Rope?

Anyone can use Rapid Rope that needs a little rope for a number of project.


Is the Container Waterproof?

It is water resistant and will protect your rope from almost anything.


What if I run out of rope?

There is a cartridge available for purchase. Click here to order a cartridge refill. It is a good idea to have one cartridge extra so you never run out.