Safety Information

Read all instruction and safety warnings before use.

  1. Inspect before each use.
  2. Keep out of reach of children.
  3. Keep all body parts away from the cut insert.
  4. Do not use to hold or restrain human or animal weight in any manner.
  5. Do not use where personal safety could be endangered.
  6. Do not use this product for overhead lifting.
  7. Do not use if the rope is frayed or cut.
  8. Do not use to secure large flat objects that could catch air and plane.
  9. Knots will decrease the breaking strength of the rope up to 50 %.

Note: All safety warnings can also be found inside each canister on the cartridge label.


  1. Insert rope cartridge.
  2. Thread rope through the red grommet.
  3. Secure lid into place.

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