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Great product!

Efficient and handy to have in every car and the boat

Great Product

Put one in my truck, one in each of my ATV's and one for my hunting backpack. Makes it easy, clean and convenient to have rope on hand for whatever situation my arise.


This product is great. I have bought several, and keep one in my truck all the time. Multiple uses on the farm, hunting, and everything else. Everyone I have shown it to has immediately ordered some. Great product.

Rapid Rope 4-Pack Bundle (Includes 4 Rapid Rope Cannisters, a Rapid Rope Refill, and a Rapid Rope Mini)


Great to have on hand and so easy to use. I was always looking for rope. Love it.

If this isn't in your truck then you aren't prepared.

I wouldn't go anywhere without taking this with me. I was on the freeway and a pickup had a mattress about to fall off. I stopped and shared my rapid rope with them. Before I left they took a picture of the can and said they would be ordering that before they even got home.

this is a great product

Bought this for my husband as he is always using bungee cords or whips to put things together. this is awesome he loves it

Rapid Rope 4-Pack Bundle (Includes 4 Rapid Rope Cannisters, a Rapid Rope Refill, and a Rapid Rope Mini)

Used it in the first week!

Needed to make a loop on my broom so it would hang on a hook. Used my new rapid rope and it worked great. So, I made loops on several other tools I wanted to hang. Very handy!!

Great Product

Rapid Rope is extremely handy to have around the house and farm. So many uses, keep finding places where this comes in perfect. Very well thought out design with the canister and cutter and the rope is tough. Customer service has been amazing, very helpful and responsive.

Rapid Rope 4-Pack Bundle (Includes 4 Rapid Rope Cannisters, a Rapid Rope Refill, and a Rapid Rope Mini)

Must have for hunting pack and truck....really anywhere

Anyone who frequents the outdoors knows you have to MacGyver some stuff. Strong rope can be a lifesaver...literally! I have the Mini canisters in my backpacks and the full size canister in my vehicles and home. Get the orange and green cause sometimes you want to be seen! I used to carry paracord, now I carry Rapid Rope!

Haven’t not got it yet

Haven’t got it yet

Must have!

Rapid Rope is everything they claim and more. I can't even begin to list the hundred uses I've had from my first roll. I bought a refill just as I ran out on my first. My recommendation is to order your refill early. It's amazing how fast you end up using it. Even the wife loves rapid rope. Easy to pull-cut-and tie.

Great product!

Great product, convenient to use. Keep this on hand at all times!

Excellent product

I love the rope and the dispenser I just toss it in my truck and forget about it til I need it. Rope is of good quality and strength I definitely recommend, I’d rather use this than 550 cord in most cases.

Great for friends and family

Ordered 4 pack with bonuses and gifted to Son and friends. Got em when I need lots of rope. Fantastic idea

A Rapid Rope for every vehicle

I bought my first rapid rope some time ago, it immediately became an indispensable accessory in my pickup. When I decided to purchase the refill the website had some great offers on bundle packages, so I bought enough for all my vehicles and a few friends.

Perfect size

I've got several of the rapid rope original size containers that we keep in our vehicles and RV. We picked up a mini container to try out in our hunting packs and they are perfect. The same excellent quality as the original but lighter and more compact. We will definitely be making these a staple in all of our hunting packs.

Great product!

This is the 3rd one i have bought! Its honestly great for everything! I have one in my camper, one in my truck and one in my bucket truck at work, i dont leave without it!

Rapid Rope Canisters | Rope In a Can | 120 Feet | 1100 lb Test | USA Made!

Rapid Rope Canisters | Rope In a Can | 120 Feet | 1100 lb Test | USA Made!

Never leave home without it!

I bought mine recently and have not had to use it yet but I’m sure that will change! Always something needing tied down lol. They make great gifts for all my friends to carry in their trucks!

Rapid Rope 2-Pack Bundle (Includes 2 Rapid Rope Cannisters)

Firefighter Approved

As a career firefighter, Rapid Rope fits perfectly into my bunker pants pocket. It can be used for quickly securing things on the fire-ground to hoisting a hose or tools to the second floor. I am looking forward to using it on scene.