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Best Ties Ever

Just used the rope that I purchased to hold up a banner that was 4'.6" x 30" lone. Did the job well. Thanks for a great product. Richard

So Easy!

Now that I have had Rapid Rope, I don’t want to be without it. Its awesome to be able to refill your container with another cartridge.

Tough stuff

This is a great product. Looks, acts and works as advertised. Well done!

Incredible rope

It is flat so it's a bit harder to dress it up

Camping review

Finally got to use this! During a motorcycle trip to the Ozarks, first time use was to hand a laundry line across two trees 10 feet apart. Full of drying towels and closes as the weather was damp. The biggest surprise for me was how easy it was to undo the knots to I can reuse the rope. Bright orange color insured we didn't hit the rope by not seeing it!

Rapid Rope Canisters | Rope In a Can | 120 Feet | 1100 lb Test | USA Made!

Rope in a Can

Love this Rope in a Can. It is convenient, easy to carry, easy to cut and can be taken anywhere. It makes a great gift.


I’m already hooked with the Rapid Rope.
Keep a can in the bed of my truck. I’ve used them on elk and deer hunts along with every other projects I do. I also buy them for gifts to my sons.

Plan to never need it

I hope to never need this, but there are those times. The good thing is it’s handy and convenient. The built in cutter is a plus.

Great Product!!!!

Very nice, high strength dyneema type cordage. The can with built in cutter is a nice touch that is also well built robust. Overall great product that I will continue to introduce to friends and family!! Thanks Rapid Rope!!

Rapid rope (wish it were my idea)

I’ve used my rapid rope primarily in hunting camp where it is handy for a myriad of tasks like tightening up tent lines, keeping tarps from being blown away, making a latrine shelter, etc. This is a great invention and may get close to duct tape!

Rapid Rope Oranage
Paul D. Santos
Great idea

Comes in handy

3rd Order From Rapid Rope

Awesome Product. Keep up the Great Work and Product.

Rapid Rope Oranage
Mike Salazar
Love the product

Love the product. Wish you could offer different size ropes. I get that Jeeping the product to a minimal size is what you’re after, but I need stronger rope at times. 👍🏼👊🏼🇺🇸

Incredible product

Incredible product, Incredible shipping time. This product is more than advertised. Do yourself a favor and buy one or 100 of these they are amazing.

Great with securing a boat

It’s rapid rope I can easily secure a pontoon boat to the pier. Plus rapid rope is always near by as a first responder I have not had to use it but it’s comforting to know that if needed Rapid Rope could help in saving a life.


I love rapid rope, have it a Christmas gifts and everyone loved it!


So far I really like the ease of having the rope in the canister with the cutter . Use it for all kinds of stuff thanks keep up the good work .

excellent product.

I have not had a chance to use it as of yet, but it is going to become very useful during the hunting season. I have several of them and will also make great gifts.

Rapid Rope Green
Cindy Schwartz
Love it

Finally used it to put a piñata in a tree. Super fun and easy to use. No scissors needed.

Refill Cartridge Tan
Ron Smith
Refill cartridge

One hell of a idea simple and amazing well done

A lot of binding goodness in a convenient package

Rapid Rope reminds me of "bull tape" - the stuff we used to use for running electrical cables when I was in the military. It's braided and flat and strong like that stuff was.

I love the re-useable container that makes it easy to keep things neat and tidy, with a line cutter built in.

This is an excellent product for those times when you're thinking, "Hey! I need some rope to tie this up!" Get some today!

Expensive slow shipping

I enjoy using rapid rope but I felt the shipping cost was excessive and took too long!

Rapid Rope Green
Paul Lunde
Great product

Highly recommend