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As always… a great product from this great small business

Rapid Rope 3-Pack Bundle (Includes 3 Rapid Rope Cannisters and a Rapid Rope Refill)

Very Clever.

It is very clever using the dental floss dispenser concept. Why didn't I think of it. I could be rich by now. I found also that I can do the same thing with paracords in the Rapid Rope can. I haven't use the Rapid Rope rope yet, but I look forward to it. I keep one can in my bug-out bag. Very clever indeed.

Great product and customer service

Made a mistake when ordering and they were quick to reach out and offer a solution. Great product!

Rapid and Ready

Love this product!
I have rope packed in our UTV's, truck, trailer and bug-out bags, but this is a far better way to carry a lot of rope in a small package. Nice job on a great idea!


This is a great, handy product. I use it for everything involving rope, tie downs, etc. I even wrap my tomato plants to keep the branches up.
great idea that works!

Handy but poor abrasion resistance

Super handy easy to use love the idea. My big gripe is the abrasion resistance is very poor. Used it to tie a hammock to a tree while camping the bark wore they the rapid rope in less than an hour. While the kids were playing on it.

Great Rope

Love it! Great Rope for when you need it!

Awesome Product!

This is a great product. Arrives just as described. As a former firefighter/EMT for 10 years, there are several times I wish I'd had this available to me! And the orange color is just great. Thanks again!

This is the Stuff !

I love Rapid rope, I have it in all my vehicles and take it everywhere because it has a no-nonsense weight rating you can use it confidently without any worries for serious applications. Easy to carry, Easy to use, the quick cut feature is great. It gets the Job Done! Keep up the good work guys.

Great product!

Efficient and handy to have in every car and the boat

Great Product

Put one in my truck, one in each of my ATV's and one for my hunting backpack. Makes it easy, clean and convenient to have rope on hand for whatever situation my arise.


This product is great. I have bought several, and keep one in my truck all the time. Multiple uses on the farm, hunting, and everything else. Everyone I have shown it to has immediately ordered some. Great product.

Rapid Rope 4-Pack Bundle (Includes 4 Rapid Rope Cannisters, a Rapid Rope Refill, and a Rapid Rope Mini)


Great to have on hand and so easy to use. I was always looking for rope. Love it.

If this isn't in your truck then you aren't prepared.

I wouldn't go anywhere without taking this with me. I was on the freeway and a pickup had a mattress about to fall off. I stopped and shared my rapid rope with them. Before I left they took a picture of the can and said they would be ordering that before they even got home.

this is a great product

Bought this for my husband as he is always using bungee cords or whips to put things together. this is awesome he loves it

Rapid Rope 4-Pack Bundle (Includes 4 Rapid Rope Cannisters, a Rapid Rope Refill, and a Rapid Rope Mini)

Used it in the first week!

Needed to make a loop on my broom so it would hang on a hook. Used my new rapid rope and it worked great. So, I made loops on several other tools I wanted to hang. Very handy!!

Great Product

Rapid Rope is extremely handy to have around the house and farm. So many uses, keep finding places where this comes in perfect. Very well thought out design with the canister and cutter and the rope is tough. Customer service has been amazing, very helpful and responsive.

Rapid Rope 4-Pack Bundle (Includes 4 Rapid Rope Cannisters, a Rapid Rope Refill, and a Rapid Rope Mini)

Must have for hunting pack and truck....really anywhere

Anyone who frequents the outdoors knows you have to MacGyver some stuff. Strong rope can be a lifesaver...literally! I have the Mini canisters in my backpacks and the full size canister in my vehicles and home. Get the orange and green cause sometimes you want to be seen! I used to carry paracord, now I carry Rapid Rope!

Haven’t not got it yet

Haven’t got it yet