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This Rope works great in every use

Great gift to myself and few others.

Love this concept of rope in a can. Never need a knife or scissors with. No untangling of rope. Wished I had thought if it first.

One for each vehicle and my pack.

This is awesome I have 3 cans for vehicles and I carry one in my hunting pack and keep one in the kitchen for my wife super convenient and no knife needed.

Great product

Great product to always have rope with you

Great security blanket

Rapid Rope is like a security blanket. You might not be sure what you’ll need it for but you feel good knowing you have it!

Great product

Got my two containers in just a few days. Used it all ready. Great product. I’ll be ordering more for sure. Keep up the good work.

Fantastic product

Fantastic product. Was really surprised and put it to work right away. Was concerned that it was flat as opposed to round but soon discovered my concern had no merit and the rope is fantastic.

Rapid Rope Canisters | Rope In a Can | 120 Feet | 1100 lb Test | USA Made!

Good backup for when I run out

I got it for a spare, might keep it separate and use it without the can.

Rapid Rope Canister Refill

A return buyer - like to have extra - you never know when you might need more.

Giving them for Christmas gifts so I’ll have to wait to give a good review.

Rapid Rope

I bought three canisters. I give them to my son and grandsons as gifts. They will use them during the hunting season. The canisters are easier to carry then coiled rope. Thanks for Rapid Rope.

Ordered for upcoming hunting trip.

Received the order last month and will be going on a 14 day hunt in november the quality and ease of use is what first came to mind when opening the package. Can't wait to use out in the field.

This is a great idea!

What a clever way to keep rope untangled for an RV. We’ll definitely take it along! I like the cordless design. It’s a good length and strength for just about anything.

Awesome and convenient!

This is an absolute must for anyone camping or spending lots of time outdoors. I am an assistant scoutmaster with my son‘s Boy Scout troop. I cannot wait to showcase this at winter camp in November to all of the other scoutmaster’s and Scouts.

Great Product

Great and handy to have on hand!

Rapid Rope Canisters

awesome product - this is my second time I am buying this product - have one in my truck - have one in our camper - have one in our house.

Best Idea I have seen in a while!!

I use the Rapid Rope in the pickup all the time. Very handy.

Surprisingly strong for its size….bought a refill too!! Easy to dump in a go bag and forget

Great idea!

Convenience and capability in a can! I run with this on my kit to be ready for any situation I find I'll need cordage. Like a multi-tool on your belt.

Rapid rope refill !

Awesome product! I use the hell out of mine! I use it in my bee business,cooking business, plant business, hunting and fishing business and oilfield business!

Outstanding product!

Super convenient, easy and quick to deploy, excellent product, great company, fast and courteous service