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great stuff

thedispenser worked exactly as advertised. the powerful rope is great for so many things around a campsite and home as well.

wish I had thought of it

let me know if you need an investor

Rope in a small container

What a brilliant idea!! putting rope that's 120' long and 1100 lb. test in a small lightweight cylinder with a rope cutter, I just had to have this product!

Gift for Hunting Buddies

Haven’t used it yet. Bought as gifts for my hunting buddies, kept one for myself. Have not serious any of them to give gift to.

Rapid Rope Canisters | Rope In a Can | 120 Feet | 1100 lb Test | USA Made!

Canister cam open because the lid is not sng

I used the rope and rope and canister is great. Need to make some sort of lock to keep the lid from falling off.


It work to hang anything from chimes to holding your tent down

Pure genius!

Why didn't I think of this!? What a great idea. One can throw this in the back of the truck, or in the camper, or backpack or just keep in the garage. Better yet, put one can in all those places!
No more tangled messes of rope.

And once you used a section of rope, you can reuse it, you just can't put it back in the can! :)

Great stuff

I bought 1 right after to brought it out . Used it then my family and a retired Air Force friend and my law enforcement officers, bought some. I them got 3 more for my vehicle love it never no when you need some great tie down rope

great product

ease of use but a bit reflective so probably won't use in the woods hunting but overall great. i will say every time i get it in the mail the box it comes in is smashed but hasn't effected the rope so far but thought i would let you know

Rapid Rope Canisters | Rope In a Can | 120 Feet | 1100 lb Test | USA Made!

Fast, easy, and convenient

I purchased 3 containers. One for my truck, atv, and my camping gear. Super convenient, easy to use and store. I used to have bundles of mule tape stuffed everywhere that always seemed to get knotted. With these compact containers that is no longer an issue.

New Tool for My Sawyers Kit

With the crown of the tree removed, I felled the main stem of a small diameter tree (10")… right into a swimming pond. It was a heavy leaner over the pond, so I didn’t really have much choice. Retrieving the log from the water was to be expected. What I didn't expect was for it to runaway on me as much as it did (away from shore). The distance that the log had traveled was already farther than any length of rope that I had in my truck, and the distance was increasing. I quickly grabbed my can of Rapid Rope, attached my scrench to the end of it, swung it as if I were winding up a sling, and snagged that belligerent runaway log on my second try. Pulling the log back to shore was just first half of the rodeo. I still had to get it up on deck to block it up. After making a more secure attachment to the log, I wrapped the Rapid Rope around my waist at my belt line and managed to drag that log up onto the bank. I couldn't bring myself to cut the rope, mainly because I didn't know how much I was going to need; so once the rope had dried out, I wrapped the pulled length around the can for future use. This was my first opportunity to use my Rapid Rope since I purchased it 17 days ago, but for its first go 'round, it most certainly proved its mettle and earned a permanent place in my sawyers kit.


Rapid Rope is so strong and convenient to store. Fantastic product.

Absolutely love the convenience

The handiest item that I have ever purchased for my side by side and for the farm tractor

Great Product

I bought some and loved it. I bought some more as a gift for my brother's birthday. I will continue to buy this product.

Rapid Rope Canisters | Rope In a Can | 120 Feet | 1100 lb Test | USA Made!

Rapid Rope

I like the container. Hope this will come in handy for our Camping/Scuba Dive-In trip we have planned in August to Canyon Lake, near San Antonio.

Simple and Effective

Rope is great quality in a very convenient package. I chucked my old tangled rope in favor of a can barely bigger than a soda. It now rides in the under seat rear storage bin in my Super Duty truck. Great value for the price. Highly recommended!

Rapid Rope Refil

We’ve ordered the refills numerous times. Love Rapid Rope!

Great product!

Very convenient and easy to use.

I love it! I bought 4 lost 2 at my family camp (to relatives who also loved) keep 1under the seat in my jeep. I probably used it 10 or 12 times over a 4 day weekend. Perfect for small or large jobs! Be buying more.

Great gift idea

I saw Rapid Rope on Shark Tank. Fantastic idea. Great for camping or an emergency kit. I’ve bought four. Christmas stocking stuffers for my Family. I must have missed the fact that in shipping them to me in Canada that I had to pay duty on them. I did make the overal price higher but I believe that this is a good product.