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Great item for the hunting pack.

Ran out of rapid rope during elk hunting season so ordered a refill cartridge. Love the light weight, durability and strength of this rope! I won’t be caught without it next hunting season.

Rapid Rope

Love the small canisters… pull out cutter, have not had to use it yet but sure it will come in handy…. One for car and one for truck

Great rope in a tiny container

Strong and easy to use.

Great gifts!

I gave Rapid Ropes as gifts to 3 men- my fiancé, his dad, and my brother. My fiancé is a big woodworking/building guy, his dad has 10 acres of land and is constantly doing yard work and house projects, and my brother is an avid camper. They all LOVED rapid rope and were very excited to find ways to use it. It was a hit!

Keeps neat and tidy in your toolbox dry etc. made in the US survey I love it

Rapid Rope 3-Pack Bundle (Includes 3 Rapid Rope Cannisters and a Rapid Rope Refill)

Ingenious product

When I saw this advertised on TV, I was amazed at the simplicity of such a versatile design. There are even 2 ways to ties knots printed on the canister….cool product!

North Dakota Review

I received a Rapid Rope for my Birthday last year, I was impressed by the product so I purchased 3 more for Christmas gifts for friends that spend a good share of there time at the lake fishing and recreating. I keep mine in my pickup for what ever may come up.

Rapid Rope Canisters | Rope In a Can | 120 Feet | 1100 lb Test | USA Made!

Nice and compact

Supper handy I have one in all of our vehicles .

Multiple uses- great quality

I have purchased and used two canisters and one refill of rapid rope so far. Love this product and the built it cutter. Have used it at fire investigations, overnight kayaking trips on river and at our hunting camp. When used with knots it unties easier than other ropes or straps. Wish I would have thought of this.

Continued quality

I haven’t n been disappointed with any of my orders and this one was everything I expected.

Tough compact and not messy

Strong and compact great for solving multiple situations when resources are very limited and time is limited

Excellent product

It's an excellent product I put one in my bucket bag one of my car and I keep one in the house.


Perfect for small emergency jobs. Like that it fits in cup holder and you can buy refills.

As always… a great product from this great small business

Rapid Rope 3-Pack Bundle (Includes 3 Rapid Rope Cannisters and a Rapid Rope Refill)

Very Clever.

It is very clever using the dental floss dispenser concept. Why didn't I think of it. I could be rich by now. I found also that I can do the same thing with paracords in the Rapid Rope can. I haven't use the Rapid Rope rope yet, but I look forward to it. I keep one can in my bug-out bag. Very clever indeed.

Great product and customer service

Made a mistake when ordering and they were quick to reach out and offer a solution. Great product!

Rapid and Ready

Love this product!
I have rope packed in our UTV's, truck, trailer and bug-out bags, but this is a far better way to carry a lot of rope in a small package. Nice job on a great idea!


This is a great, handy product. I use it for everything involving rope, tie downs, etc. I even wrap my tomato plants to keep the branches up.
great idea that works!

Handy but poor abrasion resistance

Super handy easy to use love the idea. My big gripe is the abrasion resistance is very poor. Used it to tie a hammock to a tree while camping the bark wore they the rapid rope in less than an hour. While the kids were playing on it.

Great Rope

Love it! Great Rope for when you need it!