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Great stocking stuffers

I think the men will love them!

Works great

Works like it should. This is my second refill

The last rope you will ever need!

This is the best & strongest rope out there! I have used Rapid Rope for many uses especially to tie down things in the bed of my pickup truck! Great thing to keep in your vehicle, backpack & around the house!!

We use Rapid Rope on our ranch when we are in a pinch to tie gates closed, tag an electric fence or tie down equipment. It fits into cup holders and has refills.

Great Christmas Gift

Put one of these in each outdoorsman's stocking.


Saving these for Christmas gifts. Have not used them yet.

Love this product

I ordered several products and love them! I use mine in the garden, we have one always in the car and my kids and husband use it for outdoor activities. The blade is completely covered so I can feel confident knowing my kids won't get tangles or accidentally cut, it is unbelievably easy to use and extremely portable. This is a perfect gift for literally anyone!

Great product

Finally got to use it and I love it. Very handy to have in the truck and convenient

You must have at any weekend sporting event

I cannot tell you how often I have used these ropes at my children's baseball and football games. Between packing up and securing tents I'm using these ropes all the time. People are always amazed when pull out my can of rope to help them secure their items. Very convenient and I will not leave home without it.

Really like the concept

Useful for helping secure my tarp when hauling things to the landfill. Like to ability to cut the length of rope needed.

Great rope package.

Great small package with a lot in it for holding things down or in place, when I get close to running out I’ll be buying a refill for the canister. Worth the money!

Great compact rope store and dispenser

Great compact rope store and dispenser


Compact perfection. Everyone should own at least one 👍

Simple but effective

What I great idea, so simple but effective. it would be perfect if it included a hot knife so the ends didn't fray

Replaced stolen Rapid Rope

Got here quick. Very handy and useful rope or webbing, actually.

Rapid Rope Refill Cartridges | Extreme Utility Rope

Rapid Rope 4-Pack Bundle (Includes 4 Rapid Rope Cannisters, a Rapid Rope Refill, and a Rapid Rope Mini)

My first canister of rapid rope hit arrived quickly after my order. Have not got a chance to use it but have watched many videos and read the canister itself. I do believe it's going to be very useful and helpful and if so I will be ordering replacement rapid rope for the canister itself.

Rapid Rope Canisters | Rope In a Can | 120 Feet | 1100 lb Test | USA Made!

great peace of mind

I keep this in my truck, between camping, hauling, and just organizing gear it's great to have strong reliable rope on tap. It's never a mess or knotted when I need it and I have no qualms cutting just the size I need. I don't like cutting larger ropes so I wrestle with the excess, and smaller or cheaper ropes just never feel strong enough, rapid rope fits right in the middle and it's super handy. I used it this weekend as a clothes line, dog leash, and to fix a golf cart long enough for the owner to get it home.

first order

the order came soon and everything was good. I have shared two of the items with friends and they were impressed.

Great product

Handy to have the length you need.

Robert Rapid Rope

I bought three cans, because I wanted to share with a couple of my neighbors. I got my first can three years ago and carry it in my truck, we recently bought a RV, so I had to get a van for it. My neighbors love it and best of all it’s made in the USA, and even better Idaho. We live in Kuna, Idaho. Great product, I can’t say enough about it, thank you!!!


I just love having it for all of those “just in case”moments!